Something more than aligned teeth

The Damon system is an advanced, designed, and improved straight arc device that helps professionals harmonize biology with treatment mechanics using softer forces to achieve exceptional results in a simple way.

The damon system has proven to be a great combination of passive self-ligating brackets with calibrated force arcs and minimally invasive treatment protocols that combine to create a low friction system.

The Damon system eliminates the need to use traditional mechanics that may require more frequent extractions. The Damon system uses less binding forces, reducing friction to a minimum. In this way the more efficient treatment modalities are facilitated and as a result may provide patients with quick and convenient treatment with fewer consultations.

The Damon System difference

✔ Damon brackets utilize a passive cap mechanism that holds the bow inside the bracket while allowing it to move freely, reducing friction and making the teeth move quickly and more comfortably.

✔ Traditional brackets use elastic or active clips that “block” the bow, locking it. These elastic and active clips used to hold the bow can act as the handbrake of a car, causing friction and pressure, which can lead to slowing down the treatment and making it more uncomfortable.

With traditional braces, orthodontists often have to pull their teeth together to open space. The Damon system uses biological forces that take advantage of the adaptive processes of the body to create space in a natural way. In most cases, doctors who use the Damon system can do treatments without extractions.

With traditional treatment, creating space and developing the arches may require the patient to carry uncomfortable extraoral appliances and painful palatal expanders. However a number of recent tomographic studies have shown that the use of Damon’s constant and light forces stimulates a natural adaptive process that widens the arches creating space and a full and beautiful smile.