Treatment in dental medicine with greater longevity

Oral surgery is the dentistry field that includes all kinds of invasive nature intervention.

Includes dental extractions, bone regularizations, soft and hard tissue grafts, apicectomy’s and all the preparation for implant placement when necessary.

We perform our surgeries with the highest standards of quality and hygiene, in order to provide our patients a better success rate, with proper planning and with better long-term prognosis.


The implant placement is the most modern and convenient way to rehabilitate our patients when we need to replace missing teeth.

It means it’s possible to rehabilitate in a fixed way, with high stability and comfort, restoring smiles perfectly in a functional way and with high aesthetic quality.

The implant serves as titanium screw that is inserted into the maxilla or mandible mimicking a natural tooth root.

The implant placement is painful?

First of all, placing implants or performing other oral surgeries does not cause any pain.

In addition to the anesthesia, well-targeted medication serves as a support against any kind of discomfort.

Each case must be analyzed individually along with their diagnostic exams. Our team is happy to answer all the questions you have.