Correction of teeth positioning problems

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry specializing in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental alterations named malocclusions. The facial orthopedics, in turn, works the skeletal structure.

How to fix crooked teeth?
We can use various types of dental and orthopedic appliances, depending of each particular case, always analyzing the profile of the patient. The patient who needs this kind of treatment usually does not take facial photographs sideways (lateral). The properly analysis of the individual patient can offer more predictable results.

What is invisible system to correct crooked teeth?
The invisible system is the possibility of making an orthodontic treatment without the use of brackets or wires, as this system provides the tooth movement from the exchange of aligners sequence (clear plastic plates) which copy exactly the shape of the teeth. For movement to occur there is little difference of an aligner to another and need’s only 15 days with each one to have significant teeth movements.

The invisible braces (invisialing) handles various types of malocclusions, but in some cases does not replace completely fixed orthodontic appliances.
For the patient, the biggest difference is the brackets aesthetics.

What is the Damon system?
The Damon system it’s a kind of treatment that takes 4 to 6 months. It works through the use of self-ligating brackets that avoid the use of elastic bands and metal. This self-ligating technology makes the teeth move faster in a more comfortable way. (Less painful)
It is possible to choose the Damon Clear System witch is an aesthetic version and virtually invisible to the eye. Most of the time, with Damon System is possible to avoid dental extractions.