Keep your gums healthy

This area is responsible for the monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases. It also develops a very important role in long-term stability of the teeth because it has a direct contribution to the maintenance of bone health of the maxilla and mandible.

With regard to soft tissue, this area is also responsible for functional and aesthetic correction of problems such as gingival recessions or hyperplastic gums, usually through surgical techniques such as tissue grafts and gingivectomy’s.

Why the gums bleed?

Whenever we have gingival bleeding, is a sign that they are inflamed, thus demonstrating a lack of oral health. The food remains in association with bacteria form plaque, which must be removed, brushings daily and performing regular visits to your dentist. This plaque when not removed becomes hard (tartar) and may lead to aggravation of the situation with the development of diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis.